The Author Postcard Project

So I mentioned that I like projects, most of which quickly fall by the wayside. Here is one: M and I decided awhile ago that we were going to write to the authors of every book we read. I caught a glimpse of his latest missive, and it’s about 3 pages long- I read several books a week, so I needed something a little shorter.  Et voila!


This was really lovely, actually, and you should probably read it.

I am a veritable postcard fiend. I collect them, but I also love to send them. If you’ve never checked out, do! You send postcards to people around the world, and then you receive postcards from around the world- it’s really the best!!

Anywho, I can’t stop myself from buying them, so I have like 500 postcards in a box in our living room, and now some of them are dashing off to my authors!!

Fun, no?


Also good- very visceral, emotional short stories.




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